Sunday, August 2, 2009

Well is Sunday

Good Morning, wishing everyone a terrific Sunday, beautiful sunshiny weather here in South Florida, wonderful beach weather, me being the beach bunny that I am would love to build a little tiny home by the water and I would live happily ever after with my fury friends and my dolls, LOL.

I'm headed to the Keys today to my favorite Key Isla Morada, the water is so warm that you get the feeling that your in a sauna but I Love it it helps me with my pain.

I Just joined a group on FB this morning that lead and help writers find the accurate information as to where and when after finishing your first book, I'm looking forward to that, I'm almost done with my first book, and I know is going to help a lot of mother's in detecting the signs when children are enduring pain and rape from family members and close friends (I wish my mom would have read a book like this one when I was going up, in any case I'm looking forward to receiving information on maybe one day publishing my book.

Well have a wonderful day everyone, don't forget to smile it helps the heart heal.


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