Monday, August 31, 2009

This week's Blog dedicated to the Jumeau Doll

Jumeau antique dolls are coveted the world over. Jumeau Bebe's (child dolls) are known for their expressive eyes and beautiful bisque, and Jumeau French Fashion dolls are the perfect expression of their time and place. Jumeau dolls can sell for many thousands of dollars today, and demand for the dolls is quite high. The dolls were made in the second half of the 19Th century during the heyday of French doll making by two generations of the Jumeau family.

Pierre Francoise Jumeau began the Jumeau firm in the 1840s. At that time, they made papier mache dolls. By the end of the 1850s, they made porcelain (glazed) dolls, and for the rest of the firms production thereafter, they specialized in dolls with bisque heads--first, poupees (fashion ladies) and then Bebe's (child dolls). Emile Louis Jumeau took over the firm in 1874, and the company remained in family hands until it was subsumed into S.F.B.J. (see below) in 1899.

As mentioned, in the early years Jumeau dolls were made of papier mache and then porcelain (commonly called china). These dolls are nearly impossible to identify as being from the Jumeau firm today, since they are almost all unmarked. Starting in the 1860s, production moved to bisque doll heads (unglazed bisque) and most known Jumeau dolls were made of this. French fashion dolls tend to have kid bodies, although some have wood or cloth, and bisque dolls generally have composition bodies.

The dolls that put French doll making on the map were the French Fashion dolls, which were the most popular type of doll manufactured from the late 1850s through the 1870s. These dolls, also known as poupees, were lady dolls with womanly bodies and realistic clothing, shoes, hats and accessories that reflected the fashion of their time. Jumeau was one of the best-known makers of these dolls, which were usurped in the late 1879s by the Bebe (child) dolls.

Although the French Fashion dolls made by Jumeau are beautiful, it is the Bebe's by this firm that are more widely known. Made from the late 1870s when Bebe's dolls became the preferred doll of children everywhere, the dolls were made by Jumeau until they became part of SFBJ.
The Bebe's dolls have bisque heads, paperweight glass eyes, exaggerated eyebrows and beautiful bisque. Most had closed mouths until the 1890s. The French Bebe's, and Jumeau, met their demise due to cheaper German production.
The French doll makers, including Jumeau, were threatened by cheaper German production of bisque-head child dolls in the 1890s (think Chinese production vs US production today). Eventually, the French firms could no longer compete, and in a last ditch effort to survive, they combined forces as the Société Française de Fabrication de Bébés et Jouets.

Most Jumeau fashion dolls are only marked with a number, although sometimes the body is stamped. Many of the Jumeau bebes take their colloquial names from their marks--the E.J. Jumeau is marked E. (size number)J on the back of the head; the Tete Jumeau is marked Depose Tete Jumeau... on the back of the head. Often, you will see artist check marks as well, and a stamped composition body marked "Jumeau Medaille d'Or Paris or something similar.

The rarest Jumeau french fashion dolls and Bebe's and those that have their original costumes and mint bodies continue to climb in price. More common dolls, including later open-mouth Bebe's and later french fashion dolls with cloth or simple kid bodies and common faces have had their prices stabilized in the last few years. However, expect to pay several thousand dollars for nearly any close-mouth Bebe's in excellent condition (collectors seem to prefer close-mouth antique bisque dolls to open-mouth ones). Jumeaus produced at the beginning of SFBJ production including those marked 1907 can be found for under $2,000. Some of the priciest Jumeau dolls include the early Portrait bisque Bebe's dolls which can easily be worth $20,000 to $30,000, and portrait-faced Jumeau poupees on wood bodies, which can be worth $10,000 to $20,000.
Hope everyone enjoys this week dedication to the Precious Jumeau Doll, enjoy your week and thank you for reading and following my Blog.

Monday, August 24, 2009

This week in Honor of China Dolls

China dolls are dolls made of glazed bisque which gives them a shiny appearance (unglazed bisque is what antique child dolls with glass eyes and wigs are mostly made of, such as well known child dolls by Armand Marseille, Kestner, Jumeau, and others. China dolls generally have molded hair and painted eyes (although not always).

China dolls were produced from approximately the late 1830s through the early 1900s (until about 1930) with the greatest number produced from the 1850s through the 1890s. Many millions of china dolls were produced, mostly in Germany, during this period.

China dolls were produced by many countries, but by far the majority were produced in Germany by nearly all major doll companies of the 19Th century, including Kestner, Alt, Beck and Gotschalck, Hertwig and many others. Some early china dolls were made in France (very rare) and some china dolls were made in the 20Th century by American doll maker Emma Clear.

As mentioned, china dolls are made of glazed bisque (porcelain) which is generally left white (not tinted). China dolls are made in nearly every size from under 2 inches for tiny china Frozen Charlottes up to over 30 inches.

China dolls generally only have heads made of glazed bisque--the bodies are usually cloth or leather, sometimes with glazed or unglazed lower arms and legs. Frozen Charlottes or Frozen Charlies are totally made of unglazed bisque, usually in 1 piece without jointing.

The most common china dolls are Low Brow china dolls, made in the millions in the 1890s (so called because their hairdo has bangs and lays low on their forehead, giving them a "low brow"). Most low brow china dolls can be purchased for between $100 and $300 depending on the size. On the other end of the spectrum, there are the earliest 1840s very rare china dolls and elaborate, hard to find hairstyle china dolls which can be worth several thousand dollars.

Most china dolls are unfortunately unmarked, which makes it very hard to tell which company made which doll. Occasionally, a doll is marked on the inside of the shoulder plate; some Alt, Beck and Gottschalk china dolls are marked with a number on the back of the shoulder plate. Emma Clear dolls are often marked Clear / 39 [or other 2 digit number, inside of the C in Clear).
Thank you for reading my Blog, I hope you find this information helpful. I will feature a different Vintage Doll every week, Enjoy & Have Fun.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Some History on the Bleuette Doll

Hello everyone, I have received several e-mails asking me information on the Bleuetttes Dolls so I've decided to post the history of the Doll, I will try to do a diferent Doll every week, so here it is for week one, (Bleuette's Dolls).

Bleuette commenced production in 1905 and was produced continuously until 1960. Because Bleuette dolls were created to be sewn for by French girls, the size of Bleuette dolls is standardized. From 1905 to 1933, Bleuette dolls were 10 5/8" tall. After 1933, the dolls were 11 3/8" tall. Early Bleuette dolls always have bisque heads, with dolls made later having composition heads. All Bleuettes have fully-jointed composition bodies.

Bleuette was born specifically to be a premium for little girls who bought a subscription to “La Semaine de Suzette,” a popular magazine for French girls. The magazine offered Bleuette to all subscribers, and promised patterns for her in each issue. Over the years, many hundreds of patterns were created for Bleuette.

Bleuette has become immensely popular with antique and vintage doll collectors who love to sew. The incredible variety of patterns produced for the doll through "La Semaine de Suzette" has certainly fueled Bleuette's popularity, but her perfect size for costuming has also contributed. Prices for Bleuettes have skyrocketed in recent years, with many early dolls bringing several thousand dollars at auctions and on eBay, and original Gautier-Languereau outfits bringing several hundred.

Bleuette is certainly one of the "it" dolls of the early 21st century! Although she is a particularly French creation of the 20th century, she has found legions of modern fans in the United States. Since many antique and vintage doll collectors cannot afford the original Bleuettes, many talented dollmakers have created detailed reproductions of the dolls which can themselves sell for several hundred dollars each.

At doll conventions, separate Bleuette get-togethers and events are frequently held, and a magazine about Bleuette, "Bleuette's World" is published bi-monthly in the United States.
Identifying Bleuette is done mostly through the size of the doll as well as the markings of the doll, which include the SFBJ 301, SFBJ 60, UNIS France 301, and UNIS France 60 marks; bodies are generally marked with 2 on the torso of the doll and 1 on the sole of the feet. Collectors often forget that all dolls of Bleuette's size produced by S.F.B.J and UNIS France are not Bleuettes.

Hope everyone enjoy having some information and history on the precious Bleuette's Dolls.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rosette's Beautiful New Hat

Beautiful new hat now listed on Ebay for Rosette Doll Bleuette's Sister Please let me know how she looks...

Thank you all for your well wishes

Good Morning everyone and happy Wednesday to all, what a great pleasure it is to be back in my own surroundings, as many of you know I've being in the hospital it's being a very tough week, and still will have to undergo more testing to make the final diagnoses, but I'm staying strong and my faith grows more each day, I wan to take this opportunity to thank all my friends for all the nice notes and well wishes, they really mean a lot to me, Thank you.

I also want to than all my followers from my fan page on my return I was very happy to see that I've reached over 100 fans, Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

As I'm looking out my office window and I see the sun starting to pick thru the clouds what a beautiful sight, what a Blessing to be able to enjoy this beautiful sight, take care everyone and stay in touch.

God Bless,

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Crazy wednesday

Good Morning everyone, happy Thursday to all, missed you all yesterday, spent the day at Baptist Hospital, Happy to be back home, crazy day at that hospital I have never seeing a hospital so full in my life, but a friend just reminded me that we had a full moon and a eclipse all in the same day, LOL

Today I will be posting some new beautiful Hats that were finished on Tuesday night, but I was gone all day yesterday so I will post them today.

I was also informed today that Etsy is making some very positive changes within the next few day's, looking forward to them, I really enjoy all the wonderful crafter's on Etsy, I really enjoy the site.

Thank you for reading my Blog have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Updated Picture

Good Morning everyone, wanted to share this updated picture of Mia, can't wait to get her home, the breeder tells me she dint want to stay still for this picture, all she wanted to do was play LOL, her ears are finely up, we are all so excited, let's see how excited her two little sisters will get when she comes home, LOL, Good Day everyone, and thank you for reading my Blog.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Well is Sunday

Good Morning, wishing everyone a terrific Sunday, beautiful sunshiny weather here in South Florida, wonderful beach weather, me being the beach bunny that I am would love to build a little tiny home by the water and I would live happily ever after with my fury friends and my dolls, LOL.

I'm headed to the Keys today to my favorite Key Isla Morada, the water is so warm that you get the feeling that your in a sauna but I Love it it helps me with my pain.

I Just joined a group on FB this morning that lead and help writers find the accurate information as to where and when after finishing your first book, I'm looking forward to that, I'm almost done with my first book, and I know is going to help a lot of mother's in detecting the signs when children are enduring pain and rape from family members and close friends (I wish my mom would have read a book like this one when I was going up, in any case I'm looking forward to receiving information on maybe one day publishing my book.

Well have a wonderful day everyone, don't forget to smile it helps the heart heal.