Monday, October 5, 2009

Googly's Doll History

Googly dolls are dolls with large, oversized, side-glancing eyes. Googly dolls also often have a small watermelon-shaped smile. The dolls have an impish look and appeal. The very first Googly dolls (also referred to as Googlies) were produced from about 1912 onward, and were mostly made by German doll companies.

Most bisque antique Googly dolls were made from 1915 through 1925. However, even today, dolls with oversized, side-glancing eyes can be referred to as Googlies.
Sizes of Googly Dolls: The vast majority of bisque antique Googly dolls are small--under 12 inches tall. There are some larger, rare antique googlies. Later Googly-type dolls, such as composition Campbell Kids, can be larger. Googlies tend to be painfully cute, and their small stature is part of the cute persona.

The first antique Googly dolls were mostly made of bisque. Later, Googly dolls have been made in nearly all common dollmaking materials, including composition and vinyl (Campbell Kids), and celluloid.

The classic German antique Googly dolls were produced by companies including Armand Marseille, Kammer and Reinhardt, Heubach, Kestner and others. American Character, Horsman and others have produced the Campbell Kids.
Some Famous Googly Dolls: Some famous dolls are also Googly dolls. Kewpies, which may have overall inspired Googly dolls, are also a type of Googly doll. The Campbell Kids are a great example of a later Googly doll. Today, even some anime-inspired dolls, with their big heads and oversized-eyes can even be classified as Googlies.
For the past few years, the prices of choice antique Googly dolls have stabilized after skyrocketing in the late 1990s and early 2000s. More common antique Googly dolls, like the Armand Marseille 823, can be purchased for hundreds of dollars, while some of the very rare Hertel & Schwab and Kammer & Rhinehart Googlies can cost many thousands of dollars. Later Googlies, such as the vinyl Campbell Kids, can easily be found in mint condition for well under $100.
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