Monday, September 14, 2009

Featuring this week Betsy McCall

Betsy McCall dolls have been made in many sizes, Here is some history on this Beauty.
The first Betsy McCall, made by Ideal starting in 1952, was 14" The popular vintage American Character dolls made starting in 1957 were 8" but sizes of Betsy McCall have been made as large as 36" and also in 20" and other sizes. The modern Betsy McCall dolls made by the Robert Tonner Company are made in 8", 14" and 29" inches tall.

Betsy McCall actually started out as a paper doll in the ladies magazine, McCall’s, in 1951. She was an immediate hit, and soon after in 1952 Ideal acquired the rights to make a 14” inch tall Betsy McCall doll. Then American Character followed with their 8" doll in 1957. Both Ideal and American Character produced Play-Pal size Betsy McCalls. Other companies that produced vintage versions of Betsy McCall include Horsman and Uneeda. Tonner Dolls, Inc. have been making Betsy McCall dolls since the 1990s.

Vintage Betsy McCall Dolls were produced from 1951 through 1963, and the modern Betsy McCall dolls have been produced since the late 1990s.

The classic 8" 1950s Betsy McCall dolls were made of hard vinyl, a few of the larger Betsy McCall dolls were made of a softer vinyl. The modern Tonner Betsy McCall dolls are also made of a hard vinyl.

The most popular vintage Betsy McCall Dolls are the 8" American Character dolls, Those dolls in played with condition can easily be found for $150 to $200 on the Internet. Mint 8" 1950s Betsy McCall dolls in desirable outfits can easily bring $300 to $500 in Internet auctions. The 14" Betsy McCall dolls by Ideal are not as popular and can generally be found for under $200. Other American Character Betsy dolls are also desirable. The secondary market for Tonner Betsy McCall dolls is still young.

Betsy McCall is a quintessential American doll. She is a favorite with baby boomer collectors who remember her fondly from the 1950s, both as a paper doll and as a play doll, and she is also now finding a new following of both old and young fans through her production by the Tonner Doll Company.

Betsy McCall is a doll known for having a wonderful wardrobe, and especially the 8" vintage and modern dolls have many outfits available.
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